Best concealer for mature skin

Concealers are a must-have in any lady’s makeup bag, ready to come to the rescue when needed most! Whether it is dark under-eye patches, pimples, skin discoloration, blemishes, or old scars you’re trying to hide, concealers are a miracle makeup product that is perfect to dab over imperfections and smoothen them out.

DermalMD Rosacea Serum

We are all conscious about our looks, facial features, and flaws. While some skin problems are common and easy to cure, others are overly visible and take time to vanish. Rosacea is one such skin problem that is extremely visible on the face and can be quite uncomfortable to deal with. It is also difficult to hide and can lead people to be embarrassed about their appearance. This chronic condition causes redness and inflammation of the face that is also painful at times.

The Best Makeup Gift Sets for Beauty Lovers

With the holiday season upon us, everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family. There are many products and items that you can buy for people but sometimes when you want to give a special gift to someone, you must pick out luxurious and high-end products that stand out. You can’t just pick something from the local store and must put in some thought when picking out presents for close people in your life.

What are the beauty and medical benefits of Botox?

Everyone under the sun has heard of Botox and how it is one of the best treatments for wrinkles, lines, and crow’s feet. There is nothing better that smooths out these aging skin issues like this miracle product and dermatologists swear by it. Using this mode of treatment also provides lasting and consistent results. Apart from cosmetic benefits, Botox is also used for medical benefits and helps in treating muscle-related health and medical problems.

SHOP BELLAME ... its awesome!

Using beauty and skincare products is not just to look good but also feel good. We all need some help from well developed skin nourishing products that can help restore our skin to its youthful radiance and ensure we feel beautiful inside out. Day after day we come in contact with UV rays, pollutants, and other dirt that settles into our pores, causes tanning, pigmentation, and causes the skin to dehydrate - this is when you need some very effective products that can do the work they promise.

Master Health and Wellness Coach Certification

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body and life! This always stands true as being happy is one of the most important factors to feel wholesome and well in any situation in life. But these days there are so many factors that affect us that many people suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress related disorders, and this casts a feeling of sadness and despair. These problems then create a domino effect and starts hurting others areas of our life like work and personal relationships.

Ombré brows Vs. Microblading - What’s The Difference

The beauty industry is booming with new and improved techniques to make sure people can enhance their looks with quick treatments that mimic the effects of makeup. One such new fad is getting your eyebrows done to look like they are thicker and fuller. This way you don’t have to fill them in every day when doing your makeup and give you a more naturally beautiful look.

Mind Body Fitness Coach Certification

It is a little known fact that there is a connection between your mind and body and if one is doing well, so is the other. The well being of both is related and this is something that everyone needs to understand when working on bettering your fitness and health. No matter how much you exercise and watch your food intake, your body may not be able to reach its desired results if you aren’t at peace in your mind. The same goes for your mind - an unhappy mind will lead to health problems and low energy.