7 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric for Youthful Skin

Image credits: Shutterstock Turmeric is more commonly known as the stuff that makes common curry powder yellow. Belonging to the ginger family, like the rest of its brethren, Turmeric is known as a medicinal plant. It is a sort of panacea in India where it is commonly grown. Aside from giving curry its yellow color, it is also the same ingredient that gives yellow mustard its distinct color and earthy flavor. The flavor comes from a compound in Turmeric called Curcumin a natural phenol that seems to be responsible for all of the turmeric’s super powers.

8 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Skin

The skin is the outer layer of the human body, and is regarded as the largest organ of the body. The skin has different layers that protect the internal organs. It is important to take good care of the skin to ensure that it remains healthy. There are several factors that affect the skin and they can be categorized as;

Intrinsic factors

Also referred to as internal factors, and they include stress, hormones and shrinking bones

How to take care of your skin in humid weather

Did you ever wonder how wet weather affects your skin? Wet weather makes our body sweat more, to which our skin responds by producing more sebum, a hormone that makes our skin look oiled which can even lead to skin breakouts. Also, during the time our body sweats, it gathers all the sweat resulting in blocked pores which are bad for our skin. There are a few ways to prevent such behavior from our skin and body, and through some relatively easy daily routines, we can help you negate the adverse effects it has on your skin.

Extra Firming Neck Cream - Don't Let the Words Fool You

Let me ask you a question

Do think that more people buy extra firming neck cream because of the name or because of the ingredients it contains?

The fact of the matter is most people pick extra firming neck cream products for the wrong reasons. But just because a firming neck cream says something on it's product label doesn't necessarily mean that it's true. If this was the case, then EVERY single kind of skin care product would work.

Which is the Best Electric Face Brush that is Worth Buying?

Do you have best electric face brush now? It is hard to tell which the best electric face brush is when you know within yourself that you are still quite dissatisfied with the quality of your electric face brush. The wide range of electric brushes may even one of the reasons why it is hard to tell which among them is the best one. However, you can always find a way on how you are going to determine the best one if you have learned which among them provides the greatest result. These are all by means of looking at their feature.

5 Genius Tricks to Combat Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes occur when the tissues around the eyes have excess fluid or are inflammation. Swelling of eyelids may be a sign of sight-threatening eye problem. This swelling can be painful or non-painful which affects both upper and lower eyelids. Eyes are the sensitive organ that needs to be taken more care. Any abnormal sign on your eyes you not should ignore rather seek medication to avoid further problems on your eyes. The swelling of eyes may be pathetic in the event were you had planned to have the big day.

10 Amazing Beauty Tricks with Coconut Oil

Most people like natural and organic things because they have very fewer side effects to an individual. Coconut oil is one of the natural organic substances that are famous for its outstanding work in making people look beautiful. You may not understand the goodness by just hearing; it is only through, understanding what it exactly does and applying it that you can get the real picture. Therefore, below are amazing beauty tricks with coconut oil that will enable you to discover its real goodness;

7 Winter Night Care Tips For Your Skin

Winter weather tends to be unsightly, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to be the same. The skin tends to be dry, dull and more prone to breakouts at this time of the year. While even the best skin brighteners may not help you much, a natural skin brightening smoothie can go a long way in making your skin glow and soft. Skin brighteners will help rejuvenate the skin but there is the issue of trusting them as you don’t know what they contain.