Different kinds of face primer

Different kinds of face primer

Base and face primer for makeup is almost the same thing .There are different kind of face primers, but they all serve to prepare the skin for makeup and enhancing its sustainability. Therefore, if you do not use the primer constantly, keep them in mind when you want your makeup to last as long as possible. The composition of many modern face primers often includes useful fragments for skin .This does not mean that the bases can replace your cosmetic means in order to maintain the skin. The face primers are always applied normally as you use creams.

These primers prepare the face and the skin for the further application of foundations. They create a substantially flat and smooth surface of the skin, which makes foundation even easier distributed through the face. The base softens the skin with wrinkles and smooth formed acne bumps. There are special concealer (color) substrates that can significantly improve your face color. The green bases neutralize the effect of red, purple and yellow or brownish tinge to the skin, pale hand balancing orange shade of tan while giving white porcelain white face.

As well as the composition of some basics included microscopic reflective particles, which give a nice glow to the skin. Its best to use substrates with pink pearl sheen, while leather warmer shade - golden peach primer. Do not apply foundation with a high gloss on the whole face, it will make your skin look oily.

Also moisturizing base will provide greater comfort to dry and withered skin.

It is very important that face primers containing UV-filters will protect your skin from the sun and therefore will be very useful if your daily cream or foundation does not contain SPF.

Here are some types of face primers depending on the content:

  • Liquid foundation: Suitable for all skin types (can be on with an aqueous or oily base).
  • Oil-based: For women with dry to very dry skin, and more shine.
  • Creamy base: For dry and skin.
  • Water-based: With light and transparent cover for all skin types (including oily or blemished skin).
  • Mineral based: suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

According to the texture the face primers can be divided into these categories:

  • Matt: designed for oily skin or combination skin. It will provide a beautiful satin result without shine.
  • Shiny: Shimmering particles are added to the formula for a pearl, radiant complexion.

If we have to group the primers under their covering here are the types:

  • Invisible (containing less than 50 percent colors): very suitable for brighter skin. These include toning moisturizers, foundation and water-based tinting some sunscreens that provide a natural and flawless look of your skin.
  • Clear: These foundations stand naturally on the face and are suitable for light skin pigmentation. They smooth complexion, and the rest you can hide with concealer.
  • Average: cover about 60% of the buds and uneven skin. There are many varieties. Many experts in this area advise to avoid those that are water-based just in order to have a good result.