Home remedies for battling dry skin

Home remedies for battling dry skin

With winter comes the season for snow, skiing, snowmen and many other exciting activities. But winter also brings the dreaded dry skin that is a battle that all of us face. Dry skin can look flaky and feel itchy, making you look old and grey.

Before you head to a skin doctor, there are a few things that you can try at home to reduce skin dryness and get supple and soft skin.

1. Moisturize

Using creams is the key to eliminating dry skin. Almost all types of lotions will provide at least temporary relief from dryness. Buy ones that are especially made to battle dryness and reapply through out the day. If you seem to have very severe dryness problems, look for lotions that have urea and lactic acid in them.

2. Don’t use harsh soaps

Most soaps contains chemicals and other ingredients used to enhance fragrance and color. These can be very harmful for the skin as they strip away our natural oils. Even granular soaps and soaps with high pH levels are not healthy to use. Opt for soaps that are made of natural ingredients and don’t contain extra chemicals.

3. Reduce the number of times you shower

While showering keeps you clean, having long and hot showers are the number one cause for drying out your skin. Limit your showers to 15 minutes and try not to take a shower more than 2 times a day. If you feel like relaxing in the bathtub, make sure you use a moisturizing bubble bath foam.

These small changes can greatly help you reduce dryness and improve the condition of your skin. If the problem still persists, ask your dermatologist for prescription ointments and creams that can help.